Diet makes Mark Richt a ‘sexier’ Miami Hurricanes coach

MIAMI GARDENS — The Hurricanes plan to start training camp next Thursday slimmer and trimmer, and that goes for their coach.

Dissatisfied by what he called his “chubby” frame, Mark Richt revealed Wednesday that he recently went on a 40-day diet in which he consumed only liquids, mainly nutrient-laden juices.

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It appears to have worked. On the left is Richt conducting his first spring practice as UM’s head coach, on March 15. On the right is a photo taken at Paradise Camp, on July 16.

Notice a difference?

Mark Richt before and after his 40-day juice diet. (AP, Matt Porter)

Mark Richt before and after his 40-day juice diet. (AP, Matt Porter photos)

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“I was tired of being chubby,” he said Wednesday. “And I’m still not like, just totally – but I did lose a good bit of weight, and I feel better. My wife thinks I’m just a little bit sexier, which is awesome.”

Richt didn’t reveal how much weight he lost, but he looks quite a bit closer to his playing weight. He was 5-11 and about 190 pounds when he was a Hurricanes quarterback from 1978-82.

“I was actually juicing for 40 days,” he said of his most recent diet. “I was fasting, and did a lot of fasting and praying. You would think that you don’t eat, you’re not nourishing yourself, but you get plenty of calories through the juice and all that kind of stuff.”

A national audience saw a toned, tanned Richt on ESPN’s SportsCenter and other programming Tuesday, when he made a promotional pilgrimage to the network.

During his live SportsCenter hit, a host commented on Richt’s appearance. “You look good,” the host said. “You’ve got a tan. You’ve dropped some pounds.”

“You’ve got to drop some pounds,” Richt said, chuckling. “You live in South Florida, man, you can’t be walking around chubby. You’ve got to get slim.”

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