Recruiting: Miami Hurricanes signee Chris Lykes has crazy hops

Chris Lykes gets high up in this image from a MaxPreps video.

Chris Lykes gets high up in this image from a video his team posted online.

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Make no mistake: Chris Lykes is small, but he can get skyward.

Lykes, who plays for Washington, D.C.’s Gonzaga High and will enroll at Miami this summer, is listed at either 5-foot-6 or 5-7 by most recruiting websites.

With springs like these, he looks like Spud Webb:

If he pulls that off in a college game, he’ll reach legendary status.

Lykes’ height could hamper his college potential, but ESPN’s scouting report paints a different picture. The website compared Lykes to Muggsy Bogues — a 5-3 point guard who left Wake Forest as the ACC’s career leader in assists and steals.

“Here is a vote for Chris being more like Bogues than a mere spark off the bench,” ESPN wrote. “This deft QB knows pace, has abundant skill and will riddle ACC defenses.”

If Lykes is a combination of Bogues and Webb, he’ll be a lot of fun to watch.

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