Post-practice mango-vinegar salad in a cup: Good or not good?

Miami safety Sheldrick Redwine (Matt Porter/The Palm Beach Post)

CORAL GABLES — If we’re not bringing you the latest food and beverage consumption trends of your favorite football team, then frankly, what are we doing out here?

From the media outlet that brought you Mark Richt‘s sandwich takes comes:

Mango salad a la Sheldrick Redwine.

The junior safety did his post-practice interview Thursday carrying a near-empty cup with some yellow-green liquid in it. We wondered if it was pickle juice, a common refresher among high school athletes in South Florida. Then we noticed flecks of black pepper floating in the paper cup.

Redwine explains what’s in there:

As someone who enjoys quality beer but will drink pretty much anything in a fit of post-workout thirst, I have to say, I would try that. Maybe I will.

Have you?

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