Mark Richt on NCAA overturning satellite camp ban: ‘I don’t like it’

DANIA BEACH — The ACC and SEC lobbied for the NCAA to ban satellite camps. Having coached 15 years in the latter conference and five months in the former, you might expect Mark Richt to be against them. You’d be right.

Mark Richt (Miami Herald)
Mark Richt (Miami Herald)

“I don’t like it,” he said Monday when asked in a Q&A session with Hurricanes boosters for his thoughts on the NCAA’s overturning of the ban, and that wasn’t all.

Laying out Richt’s anti-satellite camp argument, which was stated in one big paragraph, one point after the other:

“I think if you can’t get ’em on your own campus, they’re probably not going to come anyway.

“The job is tough enough as it is. It is quite a grind for the coaches. I do want them to see their children. I want them to be fathers and husbands. Sometimes the more you add, the more you wear out your people. I don’t think they’re necessary to get the job done.

“To me it’s illegal recruiting off-campus, quite frankly, at a time that’s supposed to be a non-contact period. You’re just creating contacts off-campus during a time you’re not supposed to be.

“Schools that are in places that aren’t that desirable want to come to your place. Everybody wants to come to paradise. We’ll see what happens.”

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Following Richt, UM Athletics Director Blake James said it was “important to keep football recruiting scholastic. Football is the only sport where the model is scholastic. We have a recruiting calendar. What this does is circumvents the recruiting calendar. It creates recruiting nonstop throughout the year through these combines — they’re not camps, where you teach kids how to be better football players. They’re there to be an evaluation. That’s where we’re at as a conference, that’s where we’re at as an institution.

“We’ve made it clear we’re opposed to them. But as of right now, they’re on.”


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