‘College Football Commissioner’ Mark Richt in favor of eight-team playoff

New University of Miami Hurricanes head football coach Mark Richt speaks after he was introduced at a press conference at the school on December 4, 2015 in Coral Gables, Florida. (Photo by Joe Skipper/Getty Images)
Mark Richt isn’t commissioner, but he played one Monday. (Getty Images)

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Some in Georgia might still want him to run for office, but Mark Richt hasn’t shown a heavy interest in that. He also has never expressed an desire to become a college football rule-maker, though he isn’t shy about sharing his opinions on how the game should be governed.

Richt played commissioner for a moment on his weekly radio appearance Monday, after he was asked whether he thought the current four-team College Football Playoff system was fair.

“If you have four, No. 5’s going to be mad. If you have eight, No. 9’s going to be mad,” he said on WQAM. “I do think one day it’ll go to eight, and I think eight’s going to be the best.

“If it were [up to] me, you’d take the Power Five champions, and three at-large, and then let’s go play ball.”

Under Commissioner Richt’s system, Alabama (SEC), Clemson (ACC), Penn State (Big Ten), Oklahoma (Big 12, which doesn’t have a championship game) and Washington (Pac-12) would be in.

That leaves the at-large discussion. Ohio State (No. 3 in the playoff rankings and the only other one-loss Power Five team) would be in. Let’s also assume the Group of Five gets one automatic bid, and add Western Michigan (13-0).

One spot left. It seems Michigan (No. 6) would be the next in.

Fairly tidy. All the teams with zero, one and two losses get in, except West Virginia (10-2), which lost to Oklahoma and Oklahoma State (No. 12) and plays in a weakened Big 12. No drama over the Group of Five bid, either.

It’s clear Commissioner Richt, in this scenario, wouldn’t have mercy for a West Virginia (which, incidentally, is his team’s real-world bowl opponent).

“The bottom line is every single team, if they’d have won every game – some of those teams that were like, ‘Oh, we should have’ – whatever,” said Richt, not naming anyone specifically but possibly referring to teams that just missed, like Michigan and Penn State.

“They had a chance to win every game. If they had won every game, they’d be in.”

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