Jim Larranaga’s lawyer: allegations in FBI college hoops sting ‘do not apply to Coach L’

Jim Larranaga enters his seventh season at Miami with arguably his most talented roster. (Getty Images)
Jim Larranaga (Getty Images)

Tuesday’s bombshell news about the FBI’s two-year investigation regarding college basketball recruiting opens the question of how, if at all, the Hurricanes program will be affected.

That is not yet known.

Tuesday evening, the lawyer for UM men’s basketball coach Jim Larranaga told The Post in an email that his client will not be in trouble.

“We are reviewing the allegations but I assure you they do not apply to our much loved Coach L,” lawyer Stuart Grossman wrote, when asked for comment about the matter. “I just can’t comment further. It’s so difficult to respond to shrouded allegations.”

Grossman later provided other statements to two other South Florida newspapers. He told the Miami Herald that Larranaga was “unfamiliar with this matter and had zero involvement in any allegations of any impropriety.” He told the Sun Sentinel that Larranaga “does not know the identity of [the] unnamed, unidentified ‘Coach-3.'” Grossman said in both statements Larranaga will continue to coach the Hurricanes.

The FBI on Tuesday indicted 10 people, including an Adidas executive, an club team coach and four major-college assistant coaches, after finding “bribery, corruption and fraud” in a sting centered on college hoops recruiting. The four coaches, who worked for Oklahoma State, USC, Auburn and Arizona, were arrested Tuesday.

The investigation is ongoing, federal officials said.

The report did not name Larranaga, his assistants or staffers, or the University of Miami. However, UM fits the profile of one school cited in the report.

That school’s assistant coach allegedly conspired with the Adidas exec, a would-be agent, and travel coach in an apparent attempt to steer some $150,000 to a recruit.

More on the scandal here.

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